Positive Lockdown travel habits?

Active Commuting eBike

During lockdown I couldn’t help but notice how many more runners were out from early mornings to late evenings. I admire those who can run first thing in the morning, I cannot. Lunch time or evening works best for me and getting out of the home and exercising is a big priority. Is there a better way to work through life’s frustrations than a 5km jog? Long may this trend continue as it will improve both our immune systems and mental health. One way to keep running is to be able to run to work combining the commute with exercise. For this to happen the runners need somewhere to shower and change and many employers do not have these facilities. 5km jogs during lunch can be a life saver and translate into productive afternoons. So far, I’ve found endorphins from jogging outside hard to beat.

Ebikes have also been a big seller since lockdown. Some have 40 mile ranges meaning they are just the thing for commuting to work. It’s great there is another option to commuting instead of relying on public transport and our cars. Last summer demand for the Ebikes soared to unprecedented levels and the trend is set to continue this year. We, in the UK are behind, in some European countries Ebikes are out selling traditional pedal bikes. What is often trailing is the right infrastructure to keep up with these positive trends. A secure, yes secure bike parking space is very important as Ebikes are an investment and this can be the missing link to cycling to work. Again, showers and a changing room are also necessary to be work ready after the commute.

Gradually, as workplaces start to open, lockdown cycling and running habits will translate into less car and public transport journeys. And another side effect are more beach ready bodies just in time for the summer.