New installation at NMUH

North Middlesex University Hospital Active Commuting
NMUH Active Commuting Pods

Last Saturday we delivered our first Active Commuting Cycle hub since the start of Lockdown. It was genuinely a collaborative effort with our suppliers, delivery partners and client, an NHS University hospital, all pulling together to make this project happen during these challenging times.

The pandemic has affected all our working practices; supply chain disruption, social distancing, working from home, sanitizing, all complicating tasks and increasing lead times. But the hard work paid off and very soon this hospital’s staff will have the end of trip facilities they deserve to run, cycle or scoot to work and start their day fresh and ready to go.

The changing room, secure bike store and drying room were built off site in the UK, delivered and installed in just one morning. The units all have swipe security access which can be added onto a security pass so no need to remember an extra fob or security code. It’s a small detail to make life a little easier. Now the weather is changing the drying room will enable runners and cyclists to dry out their kit/trainers during the day so they can cycle/run home dry. Having a drying room also stops those with wet kit having to use the office as their clothesline.

We have spent time and energy on the design and what goes into our changing rooms. They are filled with high quality materials which are stylish, durable and built to last. Its no co-incidence the changing rooms are unlike any other in the modular changing room world. We have concealed pipes and electrics, added heaters, windows, curved corners and extra space in the shower cubicles. Hand dryers and hairdryers finish off the vanity changing area nicely. We have chosen generous two tier lockers to accommodate the winter kit of an active commuter. The gas assisted bike rack parking ensure ease in putting in and taking out bikes.

Our active commuter facilities can take up just a couple of car parking spaces and are ideal in the workplace or as sports and leisure facilities. They provide the missing link for those who want to cycle, run, scoot and power walk to and from work.

We think our latest delivery (see photo above) could be our best yet. It looks like they’ve always been there. More to come on this project very soon including a very cool vinyl wrap of the whole facility…