Getting back into work

Commuter Train Cyclist

There’s change a foot. With the success of the Covid vaccination program getting back into the workplace is becoming more and more viable even if it’s only part time. Many of us have been jogging/walking/cycling more since working from home as a way to keep fit and mentally strong.

There’s hope some of these habits will translate into active commuters. Timing works as starting to active commute to work in June is much nicer than in January due to lighter evenings and warmer temperatures. Whilst we can’t all cycle or jog to work the whole distance, getting off the train/bus a stop or two earlier to jog/walk/scoot the last part of our journey is also worth doing. Combining exercise with our commute is an excellent use of time which always seems in short supply.

Couple that with arriving at work exercised and motivated there doesn’t seem to be any downside. There’s also exciting news for cyclists who want to commute more. The new Great British Railways have promised more bike spaces on trains and cheaper tickets for the part time users.

This is only good news as far as we are concerned. What is in short supply are the end of journey facilities to make this possible. Showers, lockers and secure (yes I do bang on about the secure part) bike parking are a necessity to make this possible. Whilst it’s easy to count cyclists who commute to work it’s hard to find data on the number of joggers so working out the size of facilities needed can be difficult. Fortunately BREEAM has worked this out for us and say there should be 1 shower for every 10 bike spaces which we equate to the runners too.

The future of our commutes is looking up.