Urban areas are the most challenging of environments to cater for, and also where there is the most unmet demand.

If we are serious about reducing congestion and pollution, urban cyclists and runners must have access to facilities where they can shower and change. Location is key; they must be safe, easy to access, be well lit, and close to people’s places of work. We believe that by using a collaborative approach, working with business improvement districts (BID’s), councils and transport authorities a network of active commuting hubs could be built, utilising both private land and the urban realm.

By pooling resources, this initiative would allow smaller businesses and organisations to offer their employees the opportunity to run or cycle to work.



Alley ways or roof tops, kerbside or roadside, reducing car parking bays or just by making existing cycle parking more efficient.


Who Pays?

Your employer, the council, BID’s, health insurers and advertisers to name four. All those who stand to gain from you reducing your carbon footprint, alleviating congestion, being fitter and more productive.