Brilliant New Changing Room Unveiled

The Active Commuting team are very happy to announce a brand new changing unit pod, the 3C. This exciting addition to our changing room units is our smallest yet. It comes complete with 12 lockers, a shower and toilet and takes up little space. The 3Cs innovative design means it can be used by all genders as its cleverly designed for individual use.

As with all our changing units the 3C can be added to with more changing units and/or bike stores so will suit small to large organisations. It also aids social distancing.

The architect designed layout can be personalised both internally and externally by a wide choice of colours for the lockers and shower cubicles and can be wrapped in any chosen design including your organisational logo. You pick the colours, we drop in the changing unit (built offsite in UK to minimise disruption) and off you go on your bike/run.

This new changing unit is a game changer for those organisations with limited space but want to invest in their workforce.

Not having end of journey facilities is the major reason for not running or cycling to work. It caters for those who want to do a quick 5km (or indeed 10km) in their lunch hour, however we can’t be responsible for their feeling of happiness and self-righteousness when back in the workplace freshly showered!

‘Has there ever been a better time to start running or cycling to work? Having just finished a quick jog before writing this I am bursting with happy positive enthusiastic vibes which has inspired my colleague to take off for a run too. I guess it’s a domino effect. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the 3C and the possibilities it will bring.’
Siobhan Rechten

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