Our Mission

The mission of Active Commuting Ltd is to provide access to affordable; secure bike parking, lockers, showers and changing rooms for the Active Commuter wherever he or she works. Our facilities are built using modular construction; they are portable, adaptable, and scalable.

The ambition is for the facilities to become embedded in the transport infrastructure. They will be installed in a wide variety of easily accessible spaces serving; business districts, business parks, campuses, stations, and other areas near where people work. Creating a network of active commuting hubs throughout the UK.

Working with sustainable travel charities and other interested parties, we will also look to help provide mentoring and route planning for new Active Commuters.


Whatever it is that drives us, the end result is always the same, the endorphins are flowing, you feel energised, motivated and life is good.


Frustrated that having good facilities became a lottery; we decided to design and build our own. Our sustainable solutions are perfect.


The brief: It had to be secure, durable, purpose built, warm in winter, cool in summer. Portable, adaptable and scalable.

The demand

The Active Commuting team are keen cycling and running commuters. We understand that having the right facilities at the end of your journey is ALL important. As all of us have noticed, there is constant growing demand on existing facilities. For many of us the solution has been ad hoc, and inefficient. Where these facilities do exist, they are overwhelmed by the ever-increasing demand. Finding affordable secure bike parking, showers and lockers should be simple; arriving smart and ready for the working day should be easy. You shouldn't have to skip cycling or running on the way in just because you have meetings. However, it is hard not to crease your suit in a rucksack. Combining a workout with the daily commute turns a chore into fun. For some it's a race, for others it's training (a marathon or sportive is coming up). Some days it just means you can have a big breakfast and not feel guilty. Or maybe it's just what you need to elevate your mood when frustrations are mounting, and you don't fancy going in. On the way home it allows you to shake off the day and get in that workout without having to use more time to go to the gym.

Relevant and contemporary

Our People

The Active Commuting team are industry professionals with a passion for urban living and improving the way that we use our towns and cities.




Andrew is a very keen cyclist and cycling commuter. He founded Active Commuting Ltd in September 2014.




Architect Paul has worked on a variety projects throughout his career. His consultancy ShiZen is based in the UK and Hong Kong.




Paul is a Founder of the multi-national Quintessentially Group delivering extreme services, and a keen cyclist.




Siobhan is a keen runner and mother of three children. She has a financial services background gained from working in the City.




Al is an enthusiastic mtb, road and cycling commuter. He is a seasoned marketing, networking and business development professional.




Established digital marketing professional with an international track record in online and offline media.

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Active Commuting is here to help you find the right solution for your facility. We are a committed team of professionals with an ambition to deliver the best products that will make the world a better place to live and work in.