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"Showers? Check. Storage? Check. Bike parking? Check. We’re sold." bicycling.com


We design and build a specific Travel plan solution providing secure bike parking, showers and lockers. The Active Commuting pods are used to build hubs for cycle and run commuters. Easily deployed; portable, adaptable and scalable. Think Lego. They can be used in small spaces or large spaces, alley ways or roof tops, kerbside and roadside. Where ever there is accessible space. Easily acquired; the pods can be bought or hired.

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Our Mission

To provide organisations and their people with sustainable facilities that improve the quality of life for active commuters.

Life is Good

Commute Safely


City Centre


Urban areas can be the most challenging of environments to cater for, and also where there is the most unmet demand.

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Youth Ministry


Hospitals, universities, company HQ’s, factories and laboratories, businesses with their own estates.

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Men's Ministry


Our complete solution for runner and cyclist facilities will help you meet planners and architect requirements.

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Women's Ministry


Most organisations are now adopting sustainable travel as part of a corporate social responsibility strategy.

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